Bourbon Offshore DNT has a long-term experience with ROV personnel and services project management.

The company relies on 30 to 90 offshore ROV technicians and around 30 onshore engineers and other employees to face the growing needs of the subsea industry.

Project managers follow specific courses on the matter and combine reactivity with field experience. They are supported by all back-office departments.

All crew are professional maintenance technicians who are also highly qualified to fly the ROV.
They go through training, qualification & performance reviews based on customer and industry specifications and experience standards (IMCA Guidelines). Their experience is controlled and vetted on every occasion. They all hold current recognized offshore medical, high voltage and offshore survival certificates. We own an FMC Schilling WOROV simulator for training.
ROV crews strive to ensure minimal downtime in order to operate subsea activities in the following organization:

  • If ROV operations are to be on a 24-hour basis, 7/7 days a week, the team is made of two shifts. Each ROV shift will include as a minimum: one qualified ROV Supervisor, one senior Pilot/Tech and one Pilot/Tech.
  • In order to coordinate the ROV shifts and the overall ROV planning and management, a dedicated ROV superintendent is required. Although senior ROV representative on board, reporting to the DNT general manager, the ROV superintendent is trained to be ultimately personally responsible for his final decisions.

These orperators are managed by the project’s Crewing coordinator.

Whenever required, details of key personnel are submitted to the Client.